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GIS Consultancy

Geo Strategies supports customers with their specialist GIS needs. These range from modest requirements for site evaluation to network planning and substantial investigations as part of the due diligence process.

Driven by customer needs and focused on delivering business results

GIS Consultancy

Geo Strategies provides a wide range of consultancy and local support in GIS systems, data analysis and management, retail planning and optimisation, consumer insight and location-based decision-making.

Together with Experian, we provide a further range of consultancy (national and cross-border) in economics, real estate, market research, and the public sector.

GIS Analysis & Systems

Geo Strategies offers consultancy and support to customers, from scoping requirements and specifications, to delivering fully fledged systems for use on desktop PCs or networked, web-enabled infrastructures. All delivered together with maintenance, support and training in the local language, together with applications consultancy.

Data Management

Geo Strategies works closely with customers to refine their data management strategies. Identifying spatial and behavioural correlations can help identify quick wins. Once these are communicated internally, they often result in major improvements in business performance.

Data Mining & Analysis

Large datasets are all-too-often repositories of valuable information hidden within their midst. Data mining, especially when combined with a behavioural element, can unlock valuable insight and support for personalised communication.

Retail Planning

Geo Strategies provides catchment analysis and modelling in support of many retailers in Romania for planning their networks, forecasting sales and managing their relationships with existing customers and also to target new ones.

Using our extensive specialist data and local expertise, we develop models of trading areas, expenditure patterns and market size based on a detailed knowledge of the market structure in the catchment area of current or prospective outlets.

Geo Strategies also works with customers to interpret footfall figures; these are an important Key Performance Indicator which also combined with other KPIs, such as sales data, to provide management information capable of helping to drive improved productivity from both shoppers and staff.

KPIs are used as a basis for planning, running and organising stores, also to understand strategic or tactical market opportunities, and to optimise the number of customers who visit the stores.

ECCMP Marketing Platform

Experian’s new Cross-Channel Marketing Platform provides the world’s leading brands with the ability to develop full-service marketing campaigns for a wide range of media.

Leverage your customer data for effective cross-channel marketing campaign management

ECCMP Marketing Platform

In today’s digital world, it is vital to communicate with customers across all their favourite channels including the full range of digital media including blogs and tweets.
The Experian Cross Channel Marketing Platform (ECCMP) delivers smarter marketing communications to customers. It –

  • Integrates consumer information that comes from multiple channels into a single view.
  • Gives marketers the ability to understand how consumers interact with different channels — and also their channel preferences.
  • Identifies how marketing efforts in variousnels impact sales.
  • Groups customers together to enable “triggered” marketing outreach.
  • Interacts with customers across multiple channels in both a batch-based and real-time fashion.
  • Manages all marketing campaigns across channels through one system.

Take a look at Alex to see how you can benefit.

Cross Channel Marketing Platform

Marketing Assessment Guide

Platforma pentru marketing cross-channel [RO]

Cross Channel Marketing

Today’s customers move seamlessly in and out of channels, utilizing a variety of devices to consume content and marketing messages – anytime and anywhere.

Harness the power of big data for more effective marketing campaigns

Cross Channel Marketing-600

Today’s customers move seamlessly in and out of channels, utilising a variety of devices to consume content and marketing messages – anytime and anywhere. As a result, customers naturally expect timely and coordinated experiences from their favourite brands. However, disparate marketing platforms have previously forced brands to interact with customers from within individual channels, often times delivering disjointed and uncoordinated messages throughout their lifecycles. This disconnect is not only confusing and frustrating to customers, it’s expensive and cumbersome for brands.

The Experian Cross Channel Marketing Platform allows you to take control of this ever-growing and demanding marketplace.

Cross Channel Marketing

Marketing cross-channel [RO]

Network Planning

Geo Strategies carry out a variety of network planning and optimisation projects in both Romania and CEE. This work is based on comprehensive data resources maintained by the company.

Using market analysis to expand your business and loyalise customers

Network Planning

Geo Strategies has carried out a number of network planning studies for Romania resulting in significant increases in efficiency and productivity for the organisations concerned.

Network Planning brings together all the key elements of spatial, geographic and analytical techniques: it relies on a wide variety of databases, excellent mapping, geographic and demographic insight and a wide range of statistical, analytical and modelling techniques. And, indeed, experience in using them!

Our approach is based on understanding the geographical interaction between consumers and retail channels. By linking together our consumer, local area and industry datasets, together with our cutting edge modelling expertise and our market intelligence software, we can help you take an objective view of your markets and retail networks.

We can help you assess and improve sales performance and market share by location.

Some key consultancy projects are listed below but the possibilities are endless so please contact us and speak to an expert about your specific requirements.

  • Catchment evaluation and overlap analysis
  • Drive-time and distance profiling
  • Market sizing and demand/spend estimation
  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Sales and market share analysis
  • Territory planning and optimisation
  • Retail market definition and trade area analysis
  • Site selection and location planning
  • Footfall predictions
  • Retail channel distribution roadmaps
  • Retail centre definitions within cities
  • Network optimisation and scenario modelling
  • Prospect targeting and media planning

A number of these application areas are described in the Press Releases section.

It should also be noted that the list above is mainly based on commercial studies but it applies equally to e.g. hospital services (e.g. see Management sanitar-1), emergency services and crime profiling and analysis.

Location Insight

By understanding the local demography and attitudes it is possible to carry out data-driven analysis and location planning. Geo Strategies do this work in Romania and CEE.

Location planning to drive growth, profitability and customer engagement

Location Insight

Successful modern marketing demands a rich understanding of customers — and understanding customers is as much about location as it is about people.

By analysing and modelling geographic data, we can open up a wealth of location insight leading to increased marketing opportunities. This allows you to understand target locations, improve network planning and focus investment on those places that deliver maximum ROI. More specifically, by analysing your data we can identify –

  • Where do my customers live?
  • How far do they need to drive or walk to my bank or shop?
  • Where else can I find other people like this?
  • Who lives in the catchment area of my Point of Sale?
  • What factors influence my insurance agencies’ sales?
  • Where are the best locations for new mid- market car sales outlets?

We can also assist you in evaluating the likely impact of a whole range of investment and divestment decisions. Among our Romanian projects, this has included a number of site evaluations for major investments (shopping malls), a network of showrooms for an international vehicle manufacturer, a complete evaluation and overhaul of a large banking network and studies for a major insurer.

Interestingly, and considering the size of the investments required, these studies are often carried out in parallel with other research – the difference being that our work is entirely data-driven: it is objective and all sources are traceable. This provides enormous confidence for future studies as the results have been demonstrated in a wide variety of situations.

Under the Resources tab, there are a number of Application Notes related to specific industries.


The expression “Location, Location, Location” is as valid in Romania as anywhere else. Geo Strategies have experts in geo-marketing and data to support users.

It’s where your customers are. We take you there.

Geo-marketingEvery business in the marketplace today needs to understand, define, analyse and model data in order to analyse and segment their market, to prospect, analyse and target customers, to analyse and define sales territories or to select a retail site.

If your business does take into account the spatial behaviour of your customers (consumers or businesses) and the different characteristics of areas of interest it means that you would benefit from geo-marketing (also known as Consumer & Spatial Analytics).

To learn more about how Geo Strategies can help you with your business in Romania, download the following documents.

Geomarketing [EN]

Geomarketing [RO]

Consumer Data & Insights

Geo Strategies has substantial experience of assisting both international and Romanian customers understand big data and implement GIS and marketing solutions.

Data is at the heart of any successful business strategy

Consumer Data & Insights

 Customers are becoming ever-more savvy and demanding and understanding how and why they behave has become ever-more complex. The balance of power has shifted inexorably towards the consumer and this shift, coupled with unprecedented choice means that customer loyalty can no longer be taken for granted. New marketing channels such as social, mobile and interactive TV have given marketers more choice about how and when they speak to customers and prospects, but at the same time it’s becoming increasingly challenging for marketers to break through this noise.

The challenge has become “how do you cut through this information overload and engage with each and every customer in a relevant, timely and effective manner?”

In our experience it all begins with the data. Knowing where your existing customers live unlocks the power contained within your own databases. Combined with external knowledge e.g. from Mosaic, this helps identify their stereotype behaviour and enrich your own information on every individual customer. In turn, it helps you identify where similar high-value customers live so that you can target future marketing campaigns.

Smart marketers have turned to new customer analytics and ‘big data’ applications to enable them to pull together insight from multiple data sources such as social media, transactional data and email to develop a 360 degree of the customer. This rich insight enables them to customise offers, optimise marketing performance and deliver unprecedented levels of customer engagement.


Geo Strategies, operating in both the UK and Romania, serves both national and international interests – predominantly in Central & Eastern Europe.

Other things about Geo Strategies, its products and its services

From time to time we get asked questions about Geo Strategies: who we are, what we do, where we come from, and things like that. This web site goes a long way to answer such questions but, just in case you are wondering . . .

Who owns Geo Strategies?

Geo Strategies Ltd is a privately owned company registered in Cambridge UK. There is a separate company called Geo Strategies SA in Sibiu, Romania which is the main conduit to the Romanian market place for part of our group’s products and services.

What are your main activities?

Historically, we were predominantly a data house. We now have five main streams of activities:

  • Data quality management
  • Consumer & spatial analytics
  • Value-added mapping and databases
  • Digital maps at street level
  • GIS software and consultancy

Do you produce data for specific applications as well as off-the-shelf data?

Most certainly! We have now been creating data for 18 years and have a substantial stock of standard data which is always being kept up-to-date. So, it is quite common for customers to require data which can be created from some combination of existing datasets. However, on occasions, it is also necessary to create completely new, fully attributed datasets.

What data formats do you support?

Being a data supplier, it is a prerequisite that we support all standard formats.

How frequently is the data updated?

This depends. Terrain data is seldom updated as this tends not to change. However, certain general mapping sets are updated on a quarterly basis. Socio-demographics are subject to an annual update cycle.

It is most important for our customers to licence our products together with maintenance to benefit from updates across the complete product suite.

How does your demographic data compare with what we can get from general, official statistics?

In few words: granularity, diversity, relevance and fit-for-purpose. Our socio-demographic data is supplied as attributes to Mosaic codes which are related to the Romanian postcode system (~37,500 postcodes)

This means that our data is available for street segments varying from 60 households in Bucharest to 200 households in other cities. This discrimination provides a valuable basis for targeting the right product(s) to the right customer.

How can you claim to segment the population to higher granularity than available from the official statistics?

Our segmentation process (fully described elsewhere) is based on three components:

  • The census (36%)
  • Geographic data – e.g. how far is it to the local Bank / Modern Retail outlet / ATM / Hospital / school / etc. – (40%)
  • Financial indicators – e.g. building types, tax code, car type, property value (24%)

So, although census information is only available at a somewhat coarse level, geographic data and e.g. property information is available at much more detailed levels of geography. By combining and modelling these datasets it is possible to reliably segment the population at more granular levels than those general available from ‘official’ channels.

There is significant skill applied in the process – especially as countries have different data infrastructures in both breadth and depth. Our analysis and modelling processes are driven by most reputed mathematicians, statisticians and economists with demonstrated methodologies used in a further 28 countries worldwide.

Why should we bother to cleanse and standardise our address database(s)?

SMARTaddress is based on a database of approximately four times as many street names as published officially. These are maintained both with and without diacritics. So it is possible to ‘clean’ large address databases i.e. to check the spellings and ensure that up-to-date street names are being used. Furthermore, correct and up-to-date postcodes can be applied and the resulting address can be geocoded if required.

Thus, cleansing your database has three potential advantages:

  • You have the confidence that all address components have been spell-checked and are fully up-to-date (e.g. with street name changes).
  • If you work in the financial sector, you have the confidence that you are legally compliant (Basel II / Solvency II).
  • You can identify the geographic coordinates of all addresses for spatial analysis of your data.

Why would we want to geocode the records in our address database?

It is recognised that ‘over 80% of data contains location information’. So, simply knowing the county is enough to define a location to within approximately ± 50 km. However, by geocoding to address level – to the street number of the building concerned – the location is defined to ~ 10 metres. This information is useful for all manner of purposes, ranging from parcel delivery services, through insurance assessment for flooding, for cell-phone signal prediction, for directing the emergency services, for disease control and, indeed, any application for which it is useful to be able to plot the position on a map.


Geo Strategies has received excellent testimonials and words of thanks from prestigious organisations across industries and throughout the world.

What our customers say…Testimonials

Here are some of the nice things that customers and collaborators have said about Geo Strategies’ work.



“Due to the services provided by Geo Strategies Romtelecom enhanced its communication internally and the effectiveness of the decision-making process, which is crucial for the company in this fast-moving market.”

Daniela Hariuc, Geo-Marketing & Data Mining Manager, Romtelecom

We are now able to visualise, understand and plan our network performance in an intuitive and powerful manner. We appreciate the quality of the geo-spatial information, tools and industry experience Geo Strategies provide and, very importantly, also the quality interaction we have developed with their team.”

Georgios Dimitropoulos, Planning & Prediction Manager, Romtelecom

“Our team is most impressed by what has been achieved to date and we were very keen to understand how Mosaic can bring real value to the Romanian health system.”

Minister Nicolăescu, Romanian Ministry of Health

“BCR Asigurari de Viata have a wealth of products aimed at various socio-demographics and lifestyles.

With the new suite of tools and services from Geo Strategies, we are able to identify those lines of action to take to maximise our reach and match the appropriate product mix to the opportunity. We are very excited that our company is applying world-class informed marketing techniques and developing best practices in Romania to serve our changing customers and areas not only in the immediate but for the long term. Our team of strategists, marketers and analysts are most impressed with the quality of the product and support received from Geo Strategies.”

Mrs Florina Vizinteanu, CEO BCR Asigurari de Viata Romania

“Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari is a highly trustworthy provider of financial services to the Romanian consumer. To maintain and enhance our market leading position, we take significant interest in understanding the socio-demographics evolution, in a national context, in this fast moving society.

The products and support provided by Geo Strategies for Romania give us comprehensive levers to develop insurance offers for our customers, adapted to their financial planning needs. We also appreciate the benefits we derive from the visualisation and understanding of our business performance in a structured, consumer-driven, national context”.

Mrs Ileana Cucos, Deputy General Manager of Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari Romania

“Our mission at IKEA is to create a better life for the many people in Romania. Our next challenge is to expand our network of stores across the country in a manner that ensures that the many people can have access to the IKEA product range”.

“We commissioned Geo Strategies to provide us with an understanding on the retail potential for IKEA in two target regions.. Their comprehensive and forward- looking study has provided us, in a timely manner, with unique information and insight which has helped us not only identify but also prioritise our next locations”.

Cornel Oprisan, Managing Director of IKEA Romania

“Our customers are our most important asset and Mosaic is a fantastic tool to help us understand them in a structured and actionable context.

Insurance, as compared to banking, is not a transactional business. Our customers or prospects do not communicate with us or change their policies on a daily basis. Mosaic and the outstanding analytical support from Geo Strategies are giving us the possibility to work within a national consumer classification system which is directly linked to location; this gives us insight on our customers and prospects which we would not be able to obtain through market research or best guess marketing techniques.

The quality of support we have been receiving and the tool are now being factored in our strategic plans for the business. We look forward to continue working with Geo Strategies”.

Dr Tudor Moldovan, Director General of GENERALI Asigurari Romania

“We have used Mosaic Romania since 2007 as a key tool to understand our customers, site new agencies, optimise sales and evaluate demand for our products. Having access to Mosaic Romania – and the powerful geographic analysis system MicromarketerG3 Romania – both with the regular updates and additional data sources provided by Geo Strategies, enable us to continue growing our business by revealing further insight into who and where our current and future customers are”.

Mrs Luiza Golgojan, CRM Manager, Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari Romania

“Mosaic has played an important part in our Target Marketing activities. We communicate with large numbers of people and we aim to deliver highly targeted and responsive campaigns. This is very important to us, especially at this time when marketing budgets are constrained. Mosaic and the analytical work carried out by Geo Strategies have assisted us underpin the targeting innovations aimed at understanding our customers better”.

Mr Daniel Pana, Director of Marketing at BCR Bank

“Romania is a challenging for investors due to the sparse data which is all-too-frequently far from consistent. We have been most impressed by the meaningful information and support we have received from Geo Strategies; their contribution was timely, well informed and to the highest standards.”

Mark Mannering, Managing Director, King Sturge Romania

“Geo Strategies provided AVON with their “beautiful maps” for their cosmetic marketing and sales strategy. AVON visualise and manage their daily sales report through the AVON Sales Map. It provides an optimum decision support tool for sales managers helping them to re-define their sales territories according to consumer trends and competitors – Those achievements was possible only by using Geo Strategies solutions which are now an integral decision-support tool for daily operational and future tactical decisions”.

Razvan Diratian, AVON Sales Manager, Romania

“Felicitari pentru succesul reportat pe piata Romaneasca si va asigur de faptul ca suntem extreme de multumiti de programul achizitionat de la dvs., precum si de suportul oferit in acest rastimp”

Cristina Tudorache, Xerox Romania

“Apreciem colaborarea de lunga durata pe care o avem cu Geo Strategies, inca din 1997, ca fiind benefice. Competentele companiei si inaltele sale standarde de performanta sunt oglindite de promptitudine si profesionalismmul cu care isi trateaza clientii. Datele digitale si serviciile oferite de Geo Strategies au fost de inalta calitate si potrivite necesitatilor noastre. Au fost intodeauna constiinciosi in realizarea angajamentelor asumate si au raspuns cu promptitudine cerintelor noastre.”

Ec. MBA. Dr Eugen Ghinea – Transilvania General Import Export

“I would like to compliment Geo Strategies for the excellent work, both in designing our data Quality Assurance and Testing Strategy and performing advanced data engineering and GIS projects for H3G”.

Gareth Hardman – Hutchison 3G UK Ltd (“3”)

“. . . excellent work which Geo Strategies has accomplished for Lockheed Martin Overseas Corporation (LMOC). The entire programme team at Geo Strategies has maintained professionalism, reliability and dedication throughout this project”.

Thomas Patello – Lockheed Martin Overseas Corporation

“Geo Strategies has provided permanent care (over a five year period) for improving the quality of their products and enriching their portfolio with products that can help a client to be innovative by building on new applications”.

Ted Lattimore – President & COO, MobiFon SA

“Geo Strategies is an extremely dynamic and progressive company . . .”

Al Tolstoy – President and CEO, ClearWave

“Infoterra has been impressed by Geo Strategies professional, customer oriented, approach.”

Dave Fox – Managing Director, Infoterra, UK

“We are particularly impressed with the high level of management skills and commitment . . .”

David Rhind – CEO & Director General, Ordnance Survey, UK

“. . . to congratulate you and the professionalism of your local team.”

Dan Bown – General Manager, DHL Bucharest, Romania

“The company (Geo Strategies) has been very reactive, accepting work on very short notice . . . and delivers reliably, always respecting agreed deadlines.”

Bernardo Lingua, STET, Italy

“. . . We are very pleased with the mapping data you have supplied . . . , along with the timescales and responses we received from Geo Strategies.”

Neil French, Nortel, UK

“It’s a pleasure to see that latest organisational, training and professional standards are applied in a company acting in Romania . . .”

Daniela Sfrija, British Embassy, Bucharest, Romania

“. . . we have found their products and services to be of the highest quality, delivered to time and price.”

P. F. Robinson – General Manager, Marconi Communications, UK

“Compared to other leading suppliers in the market Geo Strategies have given us value for money service coupled with a flexible and well managed programme for the deliverable.”

Parvis Ansary, Simoco Europe, UK

Support & Training

Geo Strategies provides support and training in Romania for GIS, site location, retail network planning, data analytics and cross-channel marketing …

Customer-driven and value-generating

Support & Training

Geo Strategies has an active training programme in support of the various software and services provided by the company.

The majority of training takes place in Romania in the local language but there are also training courses both in the UK and France (usually in English) for the more specialist applications such as advanced data mining.

Additionally, we encourage our customers to participate in international business events – often with an opportunity to present their own work to a wider audience.

Please contact us for details of our various training events.